Chicken Satay

Spiced, succulent grilled skewered chicken fillet.

Tender strips of corn fed locally reared chicken breast woven onto bamboo skewers and deeply marinated in a traditional Indonesian style blend of herbs and spices to give it an authentic street food flavour. Great as a canape or starter served with our peanut sauce.

Ingredients: chicken breast, fish sauce, (anchovy extract, (fish) salt, sugar) coriander, cumin, rapeseed oil, light muscovado sugar, garlic.

Cooking instructions

Defrost the satay in the fridge overnight, reheat on a baking tray at 160ºC (fan) 325ºF, Gas 3, for 10mins.

Oven devices may vary. These instructions have been tested using an accurate oven thermometer and we recommend that, to ensure this product is properly cooked, you use one too!

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